Meet me on the Astral Plane,

Where a few minutes can feel like hours,

& a few hours can pass in seconds;

Lets enter the realm of infinite potential energy,

where dreams manifest,

Together we can be divine mother & fathers;

Lets escape the limits of space and time,

because the weight of gravity is too much for the heart

If our love is pure, we are untouchable;

If real is defined by what is material,

let the chemicals firing in my brain

pass in and out of reality;

I could sleep forever,

yet the calling of death gives me will to breath;

So meet me on the other side,

This multi-verse is concious’ to explore

Enrich the system; Can’t you see bitch; I’m one in a million; Getting paid the legal way; While Your stuck desperate; Drug dealing (just to get by)
But in my life, I have to write; Have to bring my revaluations to light; Been communicating with ET neighbors; It’s no wonder the internet’s been my fucking savior; So I know I’m not crazy or alone
Thoughts aren’t spawned from the demonic, Yet my beats are isochronic, Ideas so fast like supersonic, Smoking on that good chronic
not quite sure how I feel anymore; Every time I post something, trying not to be an attention whore; But if I didn’t then I’d be a fucking bore
Others are great too, but it don’t matter if I miss my shots, call me a gunslinger
Don’t ever want to be a wallflower

Kaepernicking in a club, Getting trapped in the touch down, Give me 6 points towards my karma, Don’t believe in mere “chance”

Each day is another round, Get ready to rumble and dance; Don’t wanna get Ko-ed from the ring, But stars keep on passing me by, Call it a rave like trance; Its like a concussion Put me out day to day
Just trying to get by, ok, and pass my daily functions
Gotta figure out how to make it, But not Trying to fall for the greed and corruption
Lifes a game but Don’t know the rules, Maybe cuz Im blazed half the time, Does that make me a damn fool?
call me ADD cuz I cant pay attention, Blame it on my lack of retention, But you bitchin me out is makin me furious
Im the way I am cuz Im just a little bit curious

Can see through everything call me a clairvoyant; Its my right to party its my entitlement; Just Get me another vyvance; Cuz I finished my prescription last night; So I could go hard, pound more bears
Hardcore dance and rage with all my might
Damn, just trying to stay composed in this reality trance
Cant wait for the future; To throw down with lasers, To throw down with demi-gods, To through down with Artificial intelligence
Byob trippin till we loose it in the void of space, Its like the human race cant see their destructive fate
But I see it everyday; Call me an elitist cuz I see the potential that you don’t; Go ahead and get wasted in some parallel universe,
maybe somewhere a supreme being is judging our dull asses
knowing it’s creations have become abominations

Conversations With My Uncle

Uncle Phil: Lets talk about goals, Im not talking about your major or graduating college but I’m talking about what you really want, I’m talking about life goals”

Me: My goals are to be great”

Phil: “Awww shit, like Lebron James?!?

Me: “Ya like Lebron James!”

Phil: That’s a dream, that’s not realistic”

Me: How’s that not realistic? I don’t have to be a basketball player to be great. Maybe I am trying to figure out what I am great at”

Phil: I’m not suggesting to ever be pleased with mediocrity but you have to have realistic achievable goals, not dreams. You can’t be Lebron, but being successful at something is realistic.”


During the summer of 2013, my Uncle Phil and I started canoeing on weekends. We started just for fun, but eventually began training for the Great Race, a 2 mile triathlon in Auburn, NY. As we practiced with each other we learned we had good chemistry with one another. We are similar body types, similar height, weight and strength. My uncle and I were a good match. We developed a game plan for the race and stuck with it. Our goal was to stay afloat, stay straight, stay calm and to stay focused. Overall we finished 28th overall.

The most important part about canoeing this summer were the conversations that we had. My uncle is a lawyer and past judge. He told me about his upbringing which he described as rough. He learned to never be satisfied with anything. He never believed he was good enough, whether it was all-state in football or going to law school. However, I believe Uncle Phil is very successful, although he would never tell you that himself. I respect his insight and the wisdom that he has to share about the world and his experiences. He is a family man, a husband, and a father. 

The focuses of our conversations were about goals. As a college senior, the future is both very exciting and scary to me. I have ideas but no real future plans, or even a career route to follow. It scares my parents and family as well, so I understand why he would want to enforce the importance of being goal oriented.

Uncle Phil gave me an assignment, which was to write down 10 short-term and 10 long-term goals. After showing him my list the first thing he noticed was that my goals do not coincide with one another. Goals may be different than priorities. Goals such as to see the world, help people, live through exciting experiences and even to pursue higher education clash with goals such as, to become financially independent, owning a house, starting a career , and providing for a family.

Uncle Phil told me stories about when he was in college and partied. He was in a fraternity and did not stay focused all of the time on academics. He told me that he wished he had focused more on success down the road. He knew he wasted time, but also told me of people in his fraternity who seemed like they were going nowhere and wound up becoming very successful. In college, my uncle wanted to help people and became focused on peace matches for the war. It was one of the first times he felt very passionately about something. He decided he wanted to become an educator, in order to help others. One day a student asked him deep questions and sought his help. Uncle Phil realized how naive he was. How could he help people when, his life was not in order?

His father (my grandfather) was a politician and wanted him to become a lawyer. Uncle Phil went to law school and worked his ass off. He hated it. He told his dad, “I just want to travel and not study all the time.” My grandfather assured him that those parts of life came after and that he needed to put in the hard work first to get where he wanted. My uncle passed the bar and although he never went on to travel as much as he would have liked afterwards, he continued to work hard to help people in the court of law.

Time is an illusion, I am already dead

Looking in the mirror, at the youngest ever to be

Just a living memory

Look at your parents and loved ones

They are already dead

Hug them

Someday you will wish that you could once more

Look around you, See the movement

See the energy, see the life

Take a second to close your eyes, be quite

Listen to your heartbeat, listen to your breath

Appreciate what is around you

We are a part of something unfathomably amazing 

Woke up at 4 am a few weeks ago and had to write this

A combination of some old poetry. I know my flow sucks (need to work on that)

Human Evolution

I believe a path to human illumination is a conscious development each and every human must undertake. It is the next step in human evolution. I believe that we are at the cutting edge of a new human renaissance. We need to start using the full capacity of our minds, so that we can start living in a better world.

However, it can only be the individual’s choice. Every human being has that potential. This is the potential of “God”. We can be one with “God” in his kingdom of “Zion” if we find inner peace. The inner peace is a pure human soul without selfishness, vanity & corruption. If every homo sapien sapien is striped to our stem cell, we would be free from the illusions of human disparity that leads to hatred and war. At our conception and at our death, we are equals. Sometimes my mind likes to think that I am different or better than others but I am not, I am the same. If I meditate I can free myself from my physical human condition. I can become all and one with the frequencies of existence. I am one. I am love. I am God. You are god. We are god. We are one. We are love. Human beings are one spirit, one race, one consciousness. Our destiny is dependent on one another. Every single life matters and is equally important. We need to start respecting ourselves, our bodies, our minds, & our spirits. Once we do this we need to start respecting our fellow woman and man. Another person’s downward spiral should be seen as a personal failure. The future of humans’ is in our own hands, meaning YOUR hands, OUR hands.

Some people don’t get it; they seek greed, fame, and materialistic objects. People get pessimistic and say that human’s are scumbags and will just destroy this planet and one another. Some say there is no point in trying to make a difference. I’ve heard the argument that there really is no true reason to be good, over evil. I know a lot of people who are very apathetic. They do not care and are just going with the flow. People could just be gluttonous and consume whatever makes them feel good in the moment and not to be concerned about the consequences. I don’t know why you shouldn’t be hedonistic. I just know deep down in my soul, that there is such a thing as light, purpose, & some concept that could be defined as “God”. I believe the world and life is absolutely amazing. There are struggles and there are some ugly aspects, but the universe (multiverse) is indescribably amazing. All the words, pictures, equations will never scratch the surface of infinity. It’s mind blowing.

The only reason I am writing this is because my ego makes me believe that what I say should be important to others. I care a lot, and it gets me upset when others are indifferent. I believe people should know this knowledge, and live by it. I hope my ideas can spread and become one so that everyone can have this one common consciousness, which would be one encompassing “super ego”. This means to evolve toward positivity and the faith of peace, love, and harmony and against chaos, pain, and suffering that humans can cause others or Earth. We were created in God’s image. The human potential is infinite. The human imagination is infinite. We created the image of God. The fact that we can imagine infinity is proof. One of my personal goals is to reach nirvana. But deep down I don’t want to reach nirvana or illumination for me, I want to reach it for everyone. We need to be conscious of our actions instead of unconscious. We have millions of unconscious thoughts everyday that we never acknowledge. We need to start using more of our brains. We are unaware of our surroundings and the crap being force fed into our minds. The human mind is not feeble by any sense and should reject some of the fallacy/bullshit that we are expected to blindly follow. Always be skeptical and challenge belief systems, including these ideas.  

wrote this at the end of the semester on a napkin while working in the deli at school. What boredom will do. Thought I’d share.

Michael Jordan, Ego, & Greatness

Every human being is just organic matter and star dust. The mind creates an artificial construct called the “ego”, which is your sense of self. It is your identity. Some may argue that having too big of this “ego” makes you arrogant and that one should try and obtain a sense of living free of the ego on a path to, let me say, enlightenment. Now I am a bit torn on this subject as I have written before about a goal to a gain a collective human consciousness without selfish identity. However, as a human being that happens to inhabit this planet , I understand just how important the “ego” really is.

I became most aware of this recently after watching Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame Speech. Jordan does come across as arrogant in his speech. He speaks of all the naysayers in his career, actually he kind of rips them apart. But these are the people who gave him drive and passion to be the greatest. Jordan after all is considered (arguably) the greatest basketball player of all time, and possibly one of the greatest athletes to ever walk this earth. He not only achieved greatness on the court by means of championships, but as an executive who started his own shoe line and as a man who is very well respected, may I say he does not have many black marks publically toward his record. Jordan wanted and strove to be the best. He wanted to carry his team and be better than any other player in the world. He said in his speech (paraphrasing) “There is no I in team, but there is an I in Win”. This “I” is the ego and this “I” is what drove Jordan to such success. Because human s are inherently born with this ego, humans are also inherently born with this same potential for greatness, like Jordan.  

So my words of advice are to not let go of your ego. I struggle sometimes with confidence and can even get depressed about it. Things don’t always go my way and I have had a lot of failures and blown opportunities. In order to prevail in this difficult, difficult, dog eats dog world one must retain their sense of identity, who you are, what you believe in your heart, and who you want to be. Only the self can creates a successful future, which is limitless in potential. This does not mean it is ok to be disrespectful and not conscious of others. The self must take care of itself first. If one’s goal is to help others, they must take care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually to have the best success at doing so. It’s a strong sense of character to show humility, but this humility can be a part of the ego. Every day we are making new neurological connections through our experiences that affect what our personality will be. To think we are helpless to the forces of the universe, it is nonsense; no matter how over whelming life can be sometimes. While greatness is just word that is subjective to the user, it does exist and Michael Jordan is living proof.

To be a planet existing in the desolate nothing of the vast cosmic desert; formerly graced by rays that travel at the speed of light, now falling out into the dark shadows of nonentity.

To be a once living organism whose soul purpose was to exist and find meaning, now a corpse, decomposing.  Its essence now transposed through roots to give life force to a single beautiful flower, on a single tree, in an infinite mundane forest; layered by countless, identical, different waves crashing against each other, generating a chaotic ocean that rings a harmonious monotony.  Its organic materials are dried up, even synthesized to cure diseases, drive away stress, to keep a mind focused, to give euphoria, ecstasy, cancer, addiction & death.

To live is to deal with suicidal thoughts screaming in your inner minds eardrum, It becomes the souls fire, rage, and passion,  A monster living in a nightmare cannot be awoken. A beast will never quite give up, struggling, trying to stay afloat, swimming, souring, flying.  The poetic rants of a self therapeutic consciousness, The burden of love, struggle for pure knowledge of the spirit, I am the devil, the fallen one, the one who said “Let there be Light”, I am god who struggles infinitely with the sin, evil, pain that was my creation.