To be a planet existing in the desolate nothing of the vast cosmic desert; formerly graced by rays that travel at the speed of light, now falling out into the dark shadows of nonentity.

To be a once living organism whose soul purpose was to exist and find meaning, now a corpse, decomposing.  Its essence now transposed through roots to give life force to a single beautiful flower, on a single tree, in an infinite mundane forest; layered by countless, identical, different waves crashing against each other, generating a chaotic ocean that rings a harmonious monotony.  Its organic materials are dried up, even synthesized to cure diseases, drive away stress, to keep a mind focused, to give euphoria, ecstasy, cancer, addiction & death.

To live is to deal with suicidal thoughts screaming in your inner minds eardrum, It becomes the souls fire, rage, and passion,  A monster living in a nightmare cannot be awoken. A beast will never quite give up, struggling, trying to stay afloat, swimming, souring, flying.  The poetic rants of a self therapeutic consciousness, The burden of love, struggle for pure knowledge of the spirit, I am the devil, the fallen one, the one who said “Let there be Light”, I am god who struggles infinitely with the sin, evil, pain that was my creation.


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