Michael Jordan, Ego, & Greatness


Every human being is just organic matter and star dust. The mind creates an artificial construct called the “ego”, which is your sense of self. It is your identity. Some may argue that having too big of this “ego” makes you arrogant and that one should try and obtain a sense of living free of the ego on a path to, let me say, enlightenment. Now I am a bit torn on this subject as I have written before about a goal to a gain a collective human consciousness without selfish identity. However, as a human being that happens to inhabit this planet , I understand just how important the “ego” really is.

I became most aware of this recently after watching Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame Speech. Jordan does come across as arrogant in his speech. He speaks of all the naysayers in his career, actually he kind of rips them apart. But these are the people who gave him drive and passion to be the greatest. Jordan after all is considered (arguably) the greatest basketball player of all time, and possibly one of the greatest athletes to ever walk this earth. He not only achieved greatness on the court by means of championships, but as an executive who started his own shoe line and as a man who is very well respected, may I say he does not have many black marks publically toward his record. Jordan wanted and strove to be the best. He wanted to carry his team and be better than any other player in the world. He said in his speech (paraphrasing) “There is no I in team, but there is an I in Win”. This “I” is the ego and this “I” is what drove Jordan to such success. Because human s are inherently born with this ego, humans are also inherently born with this same potential for greatness, like Jordan.  

So my words of advice are to not let go of your ego. I struggle sometimes with confidence and can even get depressed about it. Things don’t always go my way and I have had a lot of failures and blown opportunities. In order to prevail in this difficult, difficult, dog eats dog world one must retain their sense of identity, who you are, what you believe in your heart, and who you want to be. Only the self can creates a successful future, which is limitless in potential. This does not mean it is ok to be disrespectful and not conscious of others. The self must take care of itself first. If one’s goal is to help others, they must take care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually to have the best success at doing so. It’s a strong sense of character to show humility, but this humility can be a part of the ego. Every day we are making new neurological connections through our experiences that affect what our personality will be. To think we are helpless to the forces of the universe, it is nonsense; no matter how over whelming life can be sometimes. While greatness is just word that is subjective to the user, it does exist and Michael Jordan is living proof.


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