Human Evolution

I believe a path to human illumination is a conscious development each and every human must undertake. It is the next step in human evolution. I believe that we are at the cutting edge of a new human renaissance. We need to start using the full capacity of our minds, so that we can start living in a better world.

However, it can only be the individual’s choice. Every human being has that potential. This is the potential of “God”. We can be one with “God” in his kingdom of “Zion” if we find inner peace. The inner peace is a pure human soul without selfishness, vanity & corruption. If every homo sapien sapien is striped to our stem cell, we would be free from the illusions of human disparity that leads to hatred and war. At our conception and at our death, we are equals. Sometimes my mind likes to think that I am different or better than others but I am not, I am the same. If I meditate I can free myself from my physical human condition. I can become all and one with the frequencies of existence. I am one. I am love. I am God. You are god. We are god. We are one. We are love. Human beings are one spirit, one race, one consciousness. Our destiny is dependent on one another. Every single life matters and is equally important. We need to start respecting ourselves, our bodies, our minds, & our spirits. Once we do this we need to start respecting our fellow woman and man. Another person’s downward spiral should be seen as a personal failure. The future of humans’ is in our own hands, meaning YOUR hands, OUR hands.

Some people don’t get it; they seek greed, fame, and materialistic objects. People get pessimistic and say that human’s are scumbags and will just destroy this planet and one another. Some say there is no point in trying to make a difference. I’ve heard the argument that there really is no true reason to be good, over evil. I know a lot of people who are very apathetic. They do not care and are just going with the flow. People could just be gluttonous and consume whatever makes them feel good in the moment and not to be concerned about the consequences. I don’t know why you shouldn’t be hedonistic. I just know deep down in my soul, that there is such a thing as light, purpose, & some concept that could be defined as “God”. I believe the world and life is absolutely amazing. There are struggles and there are some ugly aspects, but the universe (multiverse) is indescribably amazing. All the words, pictures, equations will never scratch the surface of infinity. It’s mind blowing.

The only reason I am writing this is because my ego makes me believe that what I say should be important to others. I care a lot, and it gets me upset when others are indifferent. I believe people should know this knowledge, and live by it. I hope my ideas can spread and become one so that everyone can have this one common consciousness, which would be one encompassing “super ego”. This means to evolve toward positivity and the faith of peace, love, and harmony and against chaos, pain, and suffering that humans can cause others or Earth. We were created in God’s image. The human potential is infinite. The human imagination is infinite. We created the image of God. The fact that we can imagine infinity is proof. One of my personal goals is to reach nirvana. But deep down I don’t want to reach nirvana or illumination for me, I want to reach it for everyone. We need to be conscious of our actions instead of unconscious. We have millions of unconscious thoughts everyday that we never acknowledge. We need to start using more of our brains. We are unaware of our surroundings and the crap being force fed into our minds. The human mind is not feeble by any sense and should reject some of the fallacy/bullshit that we are expected to blindly follow. Always be skeptical and challenge belief systems, including these ideas.  


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