Enrich the system; Can’t you see bitch; I’m one in a million; Getting paid the legal way; While Your stuck desperate; Drug dealing (just to get by)
But in my life, I have to write; Have to bring my revaluations to light; Been communicating with ET neighbors; It’s no wonder the internet’s been my fucking savior; So I know I’m not crazy or alone
Thoughts aren’t spawned from the demonic, Yet my beats are isochronic, Ideas so fast like supersonic, Smoking on that good chronic
not quite sure how I feel anymore; Every time I post something, trying not to be an attention whore; But if I didn’t then I’d be a fucking bore
Others are great too, but it don’t matter if I miss my shots, call me a gunslinger
Don’t ever want to be a wallflower

Kaepernicking in a club, Getting trapped in the touch down, Give me 6 points towards my karma, Don’t believe in mere “chance”

Each day is another round, Get ready to rumble and dance; Don’t wanna get Ko-ed from the ring, But stars keep on passing me by, Call it a rave like trance; Its like a concussion Put me out day to day
Just trying to get by, ok, and pass my daily functions
Gotta figure out how to make it, But not Trying to fall for the greed and corruption
Lifes a game but Don’t know the rules, Maybe cuz Im blazed half the time, Does that make me a damn fool?
call me ADD cuz I cant pay attention, Blame it on my lack of retention, But you bitchin me out is makin me furious
Im the way I am cuz Im just a little bit curious

Can see through everything call me a clairvoyant; Its my right to party its my entitlement; Just Get me another vyvance; Cuz I finished my prescription last night; So I could go hard, pound more bears
Hardcore dance and rage with all my might
Damn, just trying to stay composed in this reality trance
Cant wait for the future; To throw down with lasers, To throw down with demi-gods, To through down with Artificial intelligence
Byob trippin till we loose it in the void of space, Its like the human race cant see their destructive fate
But I see it everyday; Call me an elitist cuz I see the potential that you don’t; Go ahead and get wasted in some parallel universe,
maybe somewhere a supreme being is judging our dull asses
knowing it’s creations have become abominations


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