New Blog

About a month ago in college I realized the importance of writing narratives. There were times were I wouldn’t be able to interact with friends because the thoughts in my head were just firing away. If I tried expressing them to friends they either would not come out the right way, or they might respond satirical or just would not care. As a human being who is very conscious of my soul & emotions I need a means to express myself. If I bottle up my feelings it does not feel right to me. My thoughts were being expressed on an invisble natitive/medium/canvas in my head & I realized if I brought them to physical existence maybe there would be some sense of gratification.

Now I am not amazing at English, actually speaking and putting sentences together is one of the hardest things for me. I don’t know the biggest words and sometimes words cannot express how I feel, maybe why I like visual art.I am a messy person and might not know if I am getting my point across the most efficient way. I do not care about followers, I just care that I continue to write and in the process get better at it.

I have always liked art and found it came natural to me. I am an art minor in college and my grandparents brought me up by taking me to museums and art workshops. My grandparents have been very influential to me and are both authors. I never though of myself as a writer, until I got home from college and was going through old notebooks and folders while I was cleaning my room. I realized I have always been writing my thoughts, poetry, or freestyles. It was not always good or happy, but I was still writing and that meant something to me. I realized recently too that I can just write forever, thoughts seem to just flow sometimes out of my head. I get busy/lazy sometimes so hopefully I can keep up the blog to my satisfaction. When you get to know me you will realize that I am a very very open person.

Overall my goal of this blog is to express the deepest parts of my essence, while hopefully spreading words of wisdom, peace, love, knowledge, emotions and the qualities i deem worthwhile.